We specifically quality producer of vanilla producer of vanilla dry beans. We are producing past 15 Years , also we have a effective advance framers group in vanilla. Also we have a voluble clients in Denmark&Germany.

Our Vanilla plantations is ideally situated in the Western Ghats of Karnataka State, where the British’s planted Vanilla Planifolia over a century back, is considered as India’s best & largest Vanilla producing zone. Our full fledged curing facility and plantations are organic .

Own cultivation, good location & best sourcing are our strength to offer you quality products for competitive price. From generations we maintained trust in farming community and now promoting cultivation in buyback system to supply the standard volume even in shortage situations of global market.

We take special care to ensure the quality of our products in each and every stage - right from the organic cultivation, scientific pollination techniques, harvesting upon maximum maturation, standardized processing methods, optimized packaging & availability for your satisfaction.

Vanilla Products :

  • Gourmet Grade Vanilla
  • Green Vanilla Pods
  • Extraction Grade Vanilla